The RFICP140 is a rugged gridded ion source product which is well suited for ion beam sputter deposition, ion assisted deposition, and ion beam etching. In ion beam sputtering, the ion source is outfitted with ion optics which confine the beam to the sputtering target. In ion assisted deposition, RFICP140 would typically be outfitted with ion optics which maximize the ion beam spread. While in ion beam etching, the ion source is outfitted with ion optics which optimize uniformity. Under the standard configuration, the typical ion energy range is from 100 to 1200eV, while the ion current can exceed 600mA.

DischargeRF Inductive Coupled
- Filament CathodesN/A
- RF Power1kW
Ion OpticsOptiBeam™
- GridsApplication Specific
- AlignmentSelf-aligned
- Beam Size @ Grid14cm (Typical)
NeutralizerLFN 2000 (Standard)
Power controllerRFICP 1510-2-10-LFNA
- Cathode / NeutralizerLFN2000 or MHC1000 or RFN
- MountRemote or Direct Flange
- Height (Nominal)9.8″
- Diameter (Nominal)9.8″
- Materials ProcessedMetals, Dielectrics, Semiconductors
- Process GasesInert, Reactive, Blends
- Typical Installation Distance8-36″
- Process (Common)Pre-Cleaning, Surface Modification, Ion Beam Assisted Deposition, Ion Beam Etch, Ion Beam Sputter Deposition
- Auto ControllerControls up to 4 Gases with Blending Capabilities and Recipe Storage
- Ion OpticsCollimated, Focused, Defocused

Self-Aligning Grids (OptiBeam™)

The KDC product line incorporates KRI’s patented self-aligned ion optics technology. The OptiBeam™ grids do not require an alignment procedure. Through advanced engineering and precision construction, the straightforward assembly procedure assures the grids are aligned. The benefits of the self-aligning grids includes beam repeatability, extended grid lifetime, maximized ion current, reduced maintenance time and improved uptime.