The following table lists common material processes where KRI products are employed.

Common Process Applications
Process Identification Common Acronyms
In-Situ Substrate Preclean PC
Ion Beam Modification of Material & Surface Properties IBSM
- Surface polishing or smoothing  
- Surface nano structures and texturing  
- Ion figuring and enhancement  
- Ion trimming and tuning  
- Surface activated bonding SAB
Ion Beam Assisted Deposition IBAD
Ion Beam Etching IBE
- Reactive Ion Beam Etching RIBE
- Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etching CAIBE
Ion Beam Sputter Deposition IBSD
- Reactive Ion Beam Sputter Deposition RIBSD
- Biased Target Ion Beam Sputter Deposition BTIBSD
Direct Deposition DD
- Hard and functional coatings