Kaufman & Robinson to kick off 40th Anniversary year at MRS Fall Meeting in Boston!


Kaufman & Robinson will kick off their 40th Anniversary year at the 2018 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit in Boston!  The annual Fall Meeting and Exhibit  provides the perfect backdrop to start the year long celebration of 40 years in the broad beam ion and plasma products manufacturing sector.

Director of Sales, Chris Griffith, and Ray Arent, KRI's Technical Sales Representative, will be on hand at the MRS Exhibit to meet with customers and industry colleagues.  Additional KRI team members will be attending to help promote KRI's 40 years of industry innovation.  An off-site cocktail party and celebration is planned for loyal customers, partners, and special guests on Tuesday evening, November 27 at Lucky Strike Social near the Hynes Convention Center.

The MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit features over 50 symposia and is attended by up to 6000 researchers from all over the world.  It is the largest networking and interdisciplinary event in materials science.  KRI is proud to be a part of such a distinguished group and important event.

Our KRI sales and support teams are looking forward to seeing you in Boston!  If you are planning to attend the Fall Exhibit, please stop by booth 924 and say hi.  If you would like to attend the evening celebration at Lucky Strike Social on Tuesday, November 27, 6:00-900PM, please send your RSVP to Carrie Stadtmueller at stadtmueller@ionsources.com



AVS 65th International Symposium & Exhibition - October 23-25

Kaufman & Robinson has been a leader in the Thin Film and Vacuum Technology industries for almost 40 years.  We are excited to share our industry expertise, valuable product lines, and application processes at the upcoming AVS International Symposium & Exhibition in Long Beach, CA at the end of this month!

Steve Hansen will be on site at the AVS International exhibit with product samples and information.  He looks forward to meeting with other industry leaders and sharing how our Kaufman Sources can be of help to a variety of projects and products.  Steve will be at booth #112, located just to the left of the exhibit hall's main entrance.

Please plan to stop by our booth and see what exciting new products and partnership opportunities are on the horizon with Kaufman & Robinson.  (Click here to have a quick glance at our extensive product lines before you see them in person at the show!)

We look forward to seeing you at there!




KRI to attend NAMBE in Banff, Alberta, Canada




We are excited to announce that KRI will be attending the 34th North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy Conference - NAMBE in Banff, Alberta, Canada at the end of this month!



The North American Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (NAMBE) will be held in Banff, Alberta, Canada September 30- October 5.  The conference will feature an exhibit focusing on the latest equipment available for material growth and characterization within the Molecular Beam Epitaxy field.

KRI products available

Our KRI team will have a variety of products on display during the conference's exhibition.

We will be especially highlighting our KDC product line, including the KDC 10 and KDC 40 gridded sources.  The KDC product line incorporates updated design features to the traditional Kaufman (KDC) ion source technology.  This group of sources offers a portfolio of different source sizes and performance specifications, from 1cm - 38cm source sizes.  Product packages are available and include all the components required to install and operate the KDC products.  Details will be available at the show, and our sales team will be on hand to answer any questions regarding these and our many other products and applications.

KRI at RMCAVS 2018




KRI is excited to once again be a part of the vendor exhibit at the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the AVS annual symposium on Thursday, September 13.  Our talented sales team and a few of our engineers will be on hand to visit with local guests, innovators, and clients.  Stop by to check out our products and to visit with one of our team!

SEMICON WEST 2018 - Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA


"Beyond Smart" is the theme for this year's Semicon West Expo and Tradeshow, and we agree - spending the week connecting with industry leaders and extended electronics supply chain influencers is a wise choice!

Our talented sales team will be set up in booth #1047 in the South Hall of the expansive Moscone Center.  We will have a variety of our products on display - including our RFICP 220 Gridded Ion Sources and our newest gridded source, the RFICP 380.

KRI Sources on Display

Our RFICP 220 is well suited for ion beam sputter deposition, ion assisted deposition, and ion beam etching.  It is one of our most popular products.

Customers who visit our booth will also be treated to an introduction of our newest product in the RFICP product line - the RFICP 380.  This is our largest source in our portfolio and was designed for large area processing.  This source offers molybdenum, three grid, collimated ion optics for low energy processes.

Please make plans to stop by and visit with our team - Chris, Steve, and Ray.  They will be happy to show you product and answer any questions you might have regarding our sources and their applications.

Harold R. Kaufman (1926-2018) - A Distinguished Career and an Exemplary Life

Friends and colleagues of Harold Kaufman are celebrating his life while mourning the loss of this great man. While living a life rich with achievement and full of knowledge, Harold touched and enriched the lives and work of many people. His research, work, and pioneering advances in science impacted many fields, beginning with the invention of the Electron Bombardment Ion Thruster at NASA in 1959. www.nasa.gov/feature/dr-harold-r-kaufman Harold received numerous awards during his long career, culminating with his induction into the NASA Glenn Research Center Hall of Fame in 2016.

After leaving NASA, Harold became a professor of both Physics and Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University, where he eventually became the Chair of the Physics Department. During his free time and summers, he was also a consultant for IBM. After retiring from Colorado State University, Harold founded Kaufman & Robinson, Inc. in 1978, where he continued to be a prolific inventor with many patents and scientific publications to his credit.

The Electron Bombardment Ion Thruster was invented for use in space, but it became the basis for what is now called the Kaufman Ion Source, which has various ground-based applications, such as ion beam sputtering, ion-assisted deposition, and ion beam etching. He also developed the end-Hall Ion Source, which became a standard for ion-assisted deposition of thin films. Despite his many accolades, he was very modest about his achievements and insisted on being called Harold instead of Dr. Kaufman. He was a wonderful colleague, mentor, and friend, as well as a devoted husband, father, and grandfather.

While his academic and professional accomplishments are outstanding, it is his insightful leadership that will be missed most by those who worked with him at Kaufman & Robinson. Harold was a constant learner and inexhaustible researcher. He continued working his entire life, because he believed it necessary to continue to exercise his mind to keep it sharp.

Dr. Kaufman’s life work is a foundation that the board and employees at Kaufman & Robinson plan to continue building. Harold and the management team worked for many years to develop and implement a business succession plan. They built this plan around his vision for the company and its role within the industry he helped create. The company will continue to hold true to his vision, and his legacy will continue through the work of his friends and employees at KRI for generations to come.

NCCAVS - San Jose, CA, February 22, 2018

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The annual NCCAVS Symposia and Exhibition will take place on Thursday, February 22, 2018 in San Jose, California.  The Equipment Exhibition at this one-day conference is the largest sponsored by any AVS Chapter nation-wide.

Event Exhibition

The valuable face-to-face contact times with representatives, customers, and industry experts are important to our sales and production teams at Kaufman and Robinson.  Steve Hansen will be set up in the US Tech West corner of the exhibition hall, booth #14.  He'll have product samples available and will answer any questions you might have about the Kaufman & Robinson product line.

For more information on this event and registration information, please visit: https://www.avs.org/Chapters/NCCAVS/Symposia-Exhibitions

We look forward to visiting with you at this wonderful networking event!