Client Testimonials

“KRI has been a solid supplier for us for many years. Their components are integral to our PVD system solutions and are provided with a high level of quality and support.”

Jason Hrebik Senior Project Manager
Kurt J. Lesker Company

Kurt J. Lesker Company

“KRI is still considered a “Gold Star” vendor for us. Reliable, trustworthy, attentive, and helpful. We know we can depend on you when there are issues, and we know you are there to help us succeed.”

Rick Holloway, Production Manager
Chroma Technology Corp.


“I can say without hesitation that KRI is absolutely one of the best companies I have ever worked with. The people are down to earth and easy to communicate with, the products are top-notch quality, and the customer service is second to none. I wish all companies made it this easy. Thank you for years of support and service!!”

William Smith Optical Coating Engineer
LACroix Precision Optics

LACroix Precision Optics

“KRI is great to work with, they go above and beyond to help everyone at Denton. Whether it’s providing a quick quote, delivering against a tight timeline, or helping with a new application, KRI has been there for Denton. They enable us to provide our customers with a quality ion source they can count on. I highly recommend KRI for your ion source needs.”

Franks M. Cumbo, President & CEO
Denton Vacuum Enabling Innovation

Denton Vacuum Enabling

Product Lines

Kaufman & Robinson products are vacuum-based process tools which interact with materials at the atomic level.