Fields, technologies, and sciences

Our technology has proven to be valuable process tools in a variety of fields, technologies, and sciences. Some of the typical areas where our technology has been applied include the following fields:

  • Precision optics
  • Ophthalmic
  • Photonic/Optoelectronics
  • Data storage
  • Semiconductor
  • High frequency electronics
  • RF / microwave
  • Material Analysis
  • Wear & corrosion protection
  • MEMS
  • Aerospace
  • Sensors
  • Flat panel displays
  • Organic flexible displays
  • Solar conversion
  • Superconductors
  • Medical
  • Tribology

Precision Thin Film Control

Vacuum coating engineers have been able to grow and control thin films with thicknesses of several monolayers.


Etch Uniformities And Critical Dimensions

Process scientists have been able to etch wafers with tight uniformities and critical geometrical dimensions.


Relatively new as a material process technology, ion source applications have steadily grown. As the virtues of ion beam process capabilities become discovered, process engineers and researchers have achieved desirable film and surface properties which were previously not attainable without the use of our technology. Today, our products are applied in commonly accepted processes.

Precision Optics

In precision optics; dense and stable films with optimized refractive indices and low absorption.


Consumer Eyewear

In consumer eyewear; high throughput manufacturing of durable AR coatings which adhere to plastic lenses.


Photonics and Lasers

In photonics and lasers; smooth, low scatter and optically pure films with high laser induced damage thresholds.



In semiconductors; reproducible adhesion of metal coatings for high yield lift-off processes.


MEMS, Sensors and Displays

In MEMS, sensors and displays; surface modification and texturing to amplify surface work functions.


Magnetic Data Storage

In magnetic data storage; anisotropic and uniform etching of nanometer features in metal and dielectric multilayer stacks.


Medical Devices

In the medical field; hard and corrosion resistant organic coatings which exhibit designable biological activity.