Gridless End-Hall eH Sources

The eH products output a high current and a low energy beam. The ion current meets specifications for high process rates, while the low energy ion bombardment eliminates damage to surfaces and interfaces.

The compact, low-profile eH series is available in different sizes that cover both R&D and high-yield production requirements.

All of the models include the patented modular anode, making them exceptionally easy to maintain, assemble, and disassemble, enabling increased system up-time. Our models can also be equipped with optional hardware to tailor the product to your processing and installation needs.

Our eH products can be applied to these common vacuum processes:

  • Ion-beam-assisted deposition in thermal and e-beam evaporation (IBAD)

  • Ion-beam-assisted deposition in magnetron sputtering (IBAD)

  • In-situ preclean in sputtering and evaporation (PC)

  • Surface modification and activation (SM)

  • Direct deposition of thin hard or functional coatings (DD)

  • Low-energy ion-beam etching (LIBE)

  • Biased target ion-beam sputter deposition (BTIBSD)

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