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The powerful eH2000 is ideally suited to provide cost-effective, high-current ion beams for medium to large sized vacuum systems. It is commonly used for ion assist, precleaning, and low energy etching.

  • Dimensions: diameter = 5.7" height = 5.5"
  • Discharge Voltage/Current: 50-300V/10A or 15A
  • Operating Gases: Ar, Xe, Kr, O2, N2, Organic Precursors

Features & Benefits

  • Removable Anode Assembly
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Minimizes down-time during maintenance
    • Plug-and-play spare anode
  • Broad-Beam High Discharge Current
    • Uniform etch rates
    • High etch rate
    • High ion assist deposition (IAD)rates
  • Water cooled
    • Performance benefits of the eH1000 at higher output current
  • Versatile
    • Load lock/Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) compatible
    • Easy installation
  • Cost Efficient
    • Lower cost per mA/cm2 than gridded sources
    • Low maintenance cost
  • Efficient plasma conversion and stable power control


  • IAD
  • Load lock preclean
  • In-situ preclean
  • Direct Deposition
  • Surface Modification
  • Low-energy etching
  • III-V Semiconductors
  • Polymer Substrates