Kaufman & Robinson Product Lines

KRI offers a wide range of ion source sizes and is dedicated to components that offer unique operations and performance specifications.

Our top-quality equipment is easy to maintain and is backed by industry-leading service and support. We continue to enhance our product line with a committed R&D program.

Our products are used by leading companies in many industries, including optics/precision optics, large optics, semiconductors, superconductors, laser gratings, LEDs, OLEDs, web coatings, and R&D. From precleaning and ion-assisted deposition to ion-beam configuring, etching, and plasma treatment, our sources are essential to a wide range of processes used to produce components for an array of end products.

Gridless End-Hall eH Sources

The eH products output a high current and a low energy beam. The ion current meets specifications for high process rates, while the low energy ion bombardment eliminates damage to surfaces and interfaces.

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Gridded RFICP Sources

The RFICP products produce a high density discharge without the use of filaments. The beam extracted from the discharge is precisely controlled to provide a defined shape, current density, and ion energy.

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Gridded KDC Sources

The KDC products are enhanced designs of the typical Kaufman source. Traditional ion beam processing is available with the high-quality and stable beams output by these sources.

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Electron & Neutralizer Sources

These electron sources are low energy and high current sources. Typically, they are applied as neutralizers or cathodes in the controlled production of ion and plasma beams.

Neutralizer Sources

Power Supplies

Our power supplies operate various ion, plasma, and electron sources. These products are specialized to output stable and repeatable power to the dynamic loads used in plasma processing.

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