About Kaufman & Robinson

Privately held Kaufman & Robinson (KRI®) is a pioneer and leader in the manufacture of broad-beam products, including commercial ion sources, plasma sources, and power supply controllers. From our state-of-the-art facility in Fort Collins, Colorado, we provide advanced solutions to high-tech industrialists, vacuum system OEMs, and research institutions around the world.

With a legacy of achievement in our field, a wealth of scientific talent today, and a vibrant culture of innovation, KRI® continues to invent the next generation of game-changing products.

Since the introduction of the Kaufman ion source, we have produced numerous broad beam designs, including gridded and gridless source technology, as well as switched-mode power supplies. The unique capabilities in these products have enabled better performance, enhanced reliability, and novel material processes.

Recognized leaders in our field, we have been awarded many patents. We also frequently contribute to the body of knowledge in our industry, with KRI® team members having authored over 100 articles, publications, books, and technical papers.

KRI®: A Track Record of Success

From company founders to present-day staff, our team has made significant contributions to broad-beam technology. This includes ion source designs, a portfolio of patents, and a comprehensive collection of publications.

Our ion and electron source designs have produced tremendous commercial success, with over 3,500 sources shipped through licensed clients. Our full spectrum of offerings includes:

Gridless End-Hall Ion-Plasma Source Technology

  • Cylindrical source sizes ranging from 6cm to 25cm in diameter
  • Rectangular source sizes ranging from 20cm to 100cm long

Gridded Ion Source Technology

  • Both DC and RF plasma-discharge products
  • Ion optic sizes ranging from 1cm to 38cm diameter

Electron Source Technology

  • Non-immersed sources, including hollow cathode and plasma-bridge products
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Industry Publications

Industry thought leaders at KRI® have written or contributed to over 100 authoritative publications. Our journal articles, books, technical notes, and other writings form a body of literature that continues to advance the fields of broad beam equipment and material processing.

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Breaking New Ground in Broad Beam Sources:

Founded in 1978 by Harold Kaufman and Steve Robinson, Kaufman & Robinson’s objective was to perform research that would push the boundaries of broad-beam source technology. As part of its research and development mission, KRI® undertook the development of ion-beam products for use in industrial applications. In particular, KRI® fulfilled contracts to design commercial broad-beam sources for use in the vacuum processing of materials such as thin films and plasma products.

Over the course of two decades, KRI® delivered over 25 commercial ion, plasma, and electron source devices under license agreements with its clients, who manufactured and marketed the products. In 2002, we modified our business model and entered the market with our own ion, plasma, and electron source products.

Today, we leverage our vast technical knowledge to manufacture new, next-generation broad ion-beam products. And while the company has evolved and developed a full product line to serve multiple applications and markets, our founders’ commitment to innovation and quality still drives every decision we make and action we take.

Harold KRI

Dr. Harold Kaufman Inducted into the NASA Glenn Research Center Hall of Fame

In 2016, NASA recognized KRI® founder, Dr. Harold Kaufman, as a trailblazer of ion propulsion by honoring him with induction into the Glenn Research Center Hall of Fame. This fitting tribute noted that Dr. Kaufman had “the rare distinction of inventing an experimental spaceflight hardware system that has not only been demonstrated in testing but is being flown in space today.”