Neutralizer Sources

These electron sources are low energy and high current sources. Typically, they are applied as neutralizers or cathodes in the controlled production of ion and plasma beams.

Electron & Neutralizer Sources

Kaufman & Robinson offers several types of low energy and high current electron sources. The source technologies vary from simple immersed thermionic filaments to non-immersed hollow cathode emitters. Typically, these electron sources can function as both a cathode and/or neutralizer in conjunction with a plasma or ion source. Their operation in inert and reactive gas environments is standard. The emission current from our electron source products is measured and controlled with a current feedback loop. Because of this precise and reliable source of electrons, the KRI electron sources are successfully used in electrostatic sensitive applications and dielectric material environments.

Kaufman & Robinson offers a comprehensive electron source product package. The package is complete with components required to install and operate the electron source products, including the electron source, power supply controller, mass flow controller, vacuum feedthroughs, and cables.

Typically, the KRI electron source products are installed in a materials processing environment. Commonly, they are integrated as neutralizers onto ion beam sources or they may be integrated into the ionization process of a plasma discharge. In other, more specialized applications, they can be installed with magnetron cathodes to modify the sputtering operation.

  • Neutralization of ion beams
    • gridded ion sources, End-Hall sources, anode layer sources
  • Ionization in plasma generation
    • End-Hall sources, gridded ion sources
  • Charge neutrality in positive biased analytical instrumentation
  • Enhanced electron flux in magnetron sputtering