Gridless End-Hall eH Sources

The eH products output a high current and a low energy beam. The ion current meets specifications for high process rates, while the low energy ion bombardment eliminates damage to surfaces and interfaces.

Gridless End-Hall eH Sources

Products:  eH400 | eH1000 | eH2000 | eH3000 | eH Linear

Kaufman & Robinson incorporates its patented end-Hall (eH) technology into a product line of gridless plasma-ion sources that produce and control ion species with a specific energy, chemical reactivity, current density, and trajectory. All designs are straightforward and easily retrofit into existing vacuum systems, or can easily integrate into new OEM systems.

The compact, low-profile eH series is available in different sizes that cover both R&D and high-yield production requirements. All of the models include the patented modular anode, making them easy to maintain, assemble, and disassemble, enabling high productivity. Our models can also be equipped with optional hardware to tailor the product to your processing and installation needs.

Our eH products can be applied to these common vacuum processes:

  • Ion-beam-assisted deposition in thermal and e-beam evaporation (IBAD)
    • Ion-beam-assisted deposition in magnetron sputtering (IBAD)
  • In-situ preclean in sputtering and evaporation (PC)
  • Surface modification and activation (SM)
  • Direct deposition of thin hard or functional coatings (DD)
  • Low-energy ion-beam etching (LIBE)
  • Biased target ion-beam sputter deposition (BTIBSD)