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The LFN2000 is a non-immersed electron source which mounts to the side of the ion source. Its range of operation is suited to applications where lower emission currents are advantageous. Several such ion beam processes where lower emission current and better resolution is desirable include the use of smaller sources and lower ion beam currents.

The LFN2000 offers an operational interval before maintenance which is vastly longer than immersed filament electron source. The long uptime is beneficial when sophisticated process runs need to continually operate without interruption. Similarly, the LFN2000 installations are a good fit in high throughput load-lock platforms where infrequent chamber venting demands reliable and low maintenance electron sources. When an eventual maintenance task is needed, the LFN’s modular architecture promotes a quick and easy step when the plug and socket feature is accessed.

Power controllerLF12002A
- MountIon Source or Free Standing
- Width (Nominal)2.3″
- Length (Nominal)1.7″
- Process GasesInert, Reactive, Blends
- Process (Common)Pre-Cleaning, Surface Modification, Ion Beam Assisted Deposition, Direct Deposition, Ion Beam Etch, Ion Beam Sputter Deposition
- Source GasInert (Ar, Xe)
- Emission Current (Max)> 1A
- ArchitectureModular Plug

Regulated Emission

The applied power to the KRI electron sources is tightly regulated to ensure accurate electron production. Not only does the power supply generate the specified electron current, but through a feedback loop, it measures and regulates the electron emission. Because the electron emission is controlled, the KRI electron source products provide a reliable and known source of negative charge to the application. The amount of electrons is precisely controlled to match positive charges. A properly neutralized ion beam will be stable and support an electrically neutral process on the substrate surface. This feature is particularly important when the process involves dielectric, electrically isolated, or electrostatic sensitive substrates. When a process uses an ambiguous source of electron and does not rely on a regulated emission current, the process risks charge build-up and instabilities.


Because the KRI electron sources are available in a comprehensive product package, they can be retrofitted to ion source equipment which is already active in the field. A common example is the case when a user wants to upgrade to a non-immersed neutralizer from an ion source which is currently configured with an immersed filament. The ability to use the existing equipment and just add the appropriate electron source products offer s a cost effective upgrade.


The eH Sidewinder™ utilizes a patented technology to extend the filament lifetime over typical durations. This innovative operation offers the low cost filament configuration, yet provides longer operation before a filament change. The Sidewinder products shift the filament cathode / neutralizer from its typical center position to an off center position. Because the filament is no longer immersed in the high current density portion of the ion beam, its erosion by ion bombardment is reduced. By reducing the normal wear mechanism, the filament lifetime is significantly extended, which minimizes the risk of process interruption.

Soft Start

The electron source products use a soft start feature to ramp power to the cathode/neutralizer during start-up. This ramping characteristic smoothes the initial power surge which conserves the service time of replaceable heated elements.