The KDC75 is a compact gridded ion source product. The source diameter is 14cm and can mount on an 8” CF flange. It can fit small-to-medium chamber platforms. The source has two filament cathodes, extending the time before maintenance. One cathode operates while the other remains idle until the first cathode expires. Then, without breaking vacuum, the idle cathode is energized to continue normal operation. The KDC75 offers a unique set of deep-dished ion optics, producing a tightly focused beam for ion-beam sputter deposition installations. Inversely, the ion optics produce an accentuated defocused beam useful for ion-assist and ion-beam etching installations. Along with the physical compactness of the KDC75, these deep dished grids prove essential when a tight installation presents short distances between the KDC75 and a sputter target or substrate. Under the standard configuration, the typical ion energy range is from 100 to 1200eV, while the ion current can exceed 250mA.