The KDC40 is a small and cost-effective DC gridded ion source product. A new design and upgrade to the popular 3cm Kaufman source, it has a larger grid pattern, is more rugged, and has the ability to be outfitted with self-aligned three-grid ion optics. The KDC40 can perform all the typical ion-beam processes, including in-situ preclean, ion-beam surface modification, ion-beam-assisted deposition, ion-beam sputter deposition, ion-beam etching, and direct deposition. It is compatible with inert and reactive gases, including O2 and N2. The versatility of the KDC40 justifies its place in the process tool set of any laboratory where device fabrication involves thin-film deposition and plasma etching. Under the standard configuration, the typical ion energy range is from 100 to 1200eV, while the ion current can exceed 120mA.