The KDC160 is our largest and most powerful of our DC gridded ion source products. It is regularly applied and has successful installations in all the typical ion beam processes. Its high output design of ion optics will produce an ion beam current over 1000mA. This high power beam is realized without the need to water cool the ion source. By design, there is no need for water to enter the vacuum chamber and reach the KDC 160 source. Since no water is needed, it eases the installation requirements and eliminates the opportunity for water leaks inside the chamber. As in the KDC75 and KDC100, the KDC160 is outfitted with two cathodes. This dual cathode set-up proves useful when reactive gases like O2, N2 and hydrocarbons are fed into the KDC160 source. Under the standard configuration, the typical ion energy range is from 100 to 1200eV, while the ion current can exceed 800mA.