Kaufman and Robinson, including its founders and staff, have made creditable, significant and sustaining contributions to broad ion beam technology. These contributions have come in the form of ion source designs, applicable publications and a patent portfolio.
 The ion and electron source designs have been a commercial success with over 3500 sources shipped through its licensed clients. The product technology is comprehensive and relevant as seen below:

Gridded Ion Source Technology:

  • Both DC and RF plasma discharge products
  • Ion optic sizes ranging from 1cm to 38cm diameter

Gridless end-Hall Ion-Plasma Source Technology:

  • Both cylindrical and rectangular products
  • Source sizes ranging from 6cm to 25cm diameter for the cylindrical
  • Source sizes ranging from 20cm to 100cm long for the rectangular

Electron Source Technology:

  • Non-immersed sources, including hollow cathode and plasma bridge products


Kaufman and Robinson staff members have authored or contributed to over 100 publications. Whether they are journal articles, books, book chapters, or technical notes, the body of literature is relevant to the technology of broad beam equipment and material processing as seen below:

Ion Source Technology

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  • “Coverage, Uniformity and Divergence”, Technical Note, Commonwealth Scientific Corporation, 2001
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Process Applications

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